Woodcracker CS

  • Saw unit as cutting device is oscillatingly suspended.
  • Tiltfunction of cutting device avoids clamping of the saw.
  • Two strong and independent gripper parts for a safe manipulation of the wood.
  • Cutting diametre up to 68cm.
  • Application area: felling due to safety reasons.

Technical data
CS 680
Cutting diametre (mm) 680
Gripper opening (mm) 1600
Tiltator endless rotatable
Weight (kg) 1700-2000
Recommended pump flow capacity (l/min.) 150
Recommended pump flow capacity for tiltator (l/min.) 50-70
Recommended operating pressure (bar) 270
Service weight of carrier vehicle * (t) 20-25

* Depending on specifications of the operation vehicle.

Technical specifications are not binding and may vary due to technical developments.

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