For generations, Eschlböck took their pride in developing innovative agricultural and horticultural machines. In 1956, Rudolf Eschlböck, a young farmer from Eschlbach, in the Prambachkirchen municipality, established a company to develop and produce machines for agricultural requirements.

His self-loading trailer with a moving floor for unloading turned out to be the most successful letters patent of Rudolf Eschlböck, the founder and today's senior partner of the Eschlböck company that first produced wood chippers in 1978.

A company leadership with a strong sense of responsibility for all the workers whose efficiency and capability formed this family enterprise into the most innovative manufacturer in the woodchipping industry is considered a heritage from the Eschlböck family.

Europe's widest range of woodcutting devices

Biber is Eschlböck's brand name for a complete assortment of woodchippers for agricultural demand, extending to devices in industrial machinery. Eschlböck produces manually-fed disk-style and drum-style chippers for twigs and branches of 12 cm in diameter as well as large-scale chippers for up to 75 cm trunks, and they are the only producer in Europe to do so.

Biber – an success account

In 1984, the Eschlböck family enterprise developed the Biber 5 disk wheel chipper. This multi-purpose device can be applied for producing as rough wood chips up to 12cm as precise smaller wood chips. The Biber 5 KL enabled lots of agricultural and horticultural communities in Bavaria and Austria an evolving change from traditionally shoveled wood log feeding to small wood chips suitable for automatically feeded heating devices. Since then, more than 1600 Biber 5 have been sold to customers.

In 1992, Eschlböck came out with Biber 7, the robust drum woodchipper with an 35 x 56 cm feeding aperture. Eschlböck's chipping drum with its shifted pairs of cutting knives became standard in woodchipping technology.

The Biber 8 (from 2001 referred to as Biber 80), Eschlböck's first large wood chipper, was first produced and sold in 1995.

In 2008, Eschlböck set a new standard in woodchipping technology by introducing the new multi-purpose cutting rotor producing as coarse as fine cuttings. The new models are suitable for producing fine chips of precise dimensions that for several decades Biber devices are renowned for - as well as coarse chips for industrial devices.

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