About Us

We are a family lead company of Finnish origin, with long tradition in trading machines.

In the beginning more than 30 years ago we sold different kinds of construction and transport machinery from continental Europe to Finland.

Meanwhile we have spread our sales area from Finland to the Baltics, Russia, UK and Ireland. We are still trying to spread our sales regions to be able to offer to even more professional customers the combination of the fantastic brands we are cooperating with, in addition to our experience and knowledge.

In the year 2003 we had first requests for second hand machinery for the production of woodchips and biomass, which started to be one of our strongest businesses.

In 2008 we set the focus just on products around woodchipping, log splitting and biomass in general. Our partners are experienced manufacturers, which are well known for high quality products, Eschlböck woodchippers, Westtech, Willibald shredders and Knapen trailers with walking floors.

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