Woodcracker R

The root stock clearing device for harvest and preparation of biomass from root stocks.

Key Facts
  • Can be mounted to all conventional carrier vehicles
  • Removal and chipping of the root stock in one step
  • Rough separation into root material and soil residue directly during the harvest
  • Chipping possible directly after the harvest in the shredder
  • Gentle removal of the root stock from the soil without any damage
  • Sturdy cutting mechanism, low-service and low-wear
  • Through additional biomass mobilisation, another source of revenue is generated for the forestry business

Application Areas
  • Removal of the entire root stock from the ground
  • Chipping the root stock for further processing by using a shredder
  • Reduction of the transport volume through pre-chipping
  • Large-scale recultivation measures
  • Cleaning the ground to let the plant inventory regrow

Technical Data
R 900 R 1200
Opening width (mm) 955 1200
Cutting force (depending on operating pressure) (t) up to 45 up to 65
Weight (kg) 1200 2000
Recommended litre capacity (l/min.) 100-190 120-250
Recommended operating pressure (bar) 240-280 250-310
Service weight carrier vehicle (t) max. 25 max. 30

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